“Enjoy a pleasant and healthy break for your skin with Skin Leaders."

Company's mission

“The importance of good cosmetics depend on
the principle and willingness of manufacturers and sellers."

SKIN LEADER CO., LTD. is a cosmetics manufacturing and sales company that pursues fundamental values and principles.
Based on values of originality and fun, we are making efforts to make cosmetics that are beneficial to people.
We aim to have Human-centered management, corporations that practice sharing, and produce cosmetics without losing focus on the principles.
We will do our best to constantly face new challenges and become a leader in global cosmetics market. Thank you.

Brand story

ETTANG meaning “earth we live and breathe in “is a naturalistic brand that produces healthy cosmetics using natural and good ingredients of our earth. Thinking our family would use it, we eliminated harmful chemical substances to the maximum and instead of focusing on the outer appearance, we strived to bring the best in the contents and created the most reasonable product you can ever find. It is a hypoallergenic naturalistic brand that that cares about both our people and nature and uses good materials and ways to produce our products.

Brand Lumos (LUMOS), which is based on the Latin word for 'Lumen (light)', is a Hue cosmetic brand that means 'cosmetics for radiant beauty'. We focus on developing textures and techniques for healthy and natural expression of skin. LUMOS present you with our unique and sensuous colors, that provide natural color light.

Based on the skin care know-hows of skinleader, we have invented original and innovative ideas and values. Sharethere is a skincare brand that aims to share with anyone who wants beauty, anywhere and at any time, seeking clean and healthy beauty.